Sales Leadership

Interim Sales Leadership

Serve as an interim sales leader working on behalf of the Senior Leadership team to ensure the organization’s goals are met. Allowing for a thoughtful search for a long-term sales leader to be executed without the pressure of a tight timetable.  This model could also serve as a “pathway/system” to prepare an internal leader to manage moving forward.

Additional benefits of interim sales leadership will include leading, mentoring, and evaluating current sales talent. This will allow for recommendations to management on how to strengthen further and enhance their teams.

Also, offer all aspects of the sales relationship training.

Sales Training

Relationship Sales Training

Work side by side with current sales leaders and/or their team to evaluate the client company’s relationship with prospects and its customers.

Offering realistic ways to develop further relationships that can be elevated from a transaction sale to a relationship-driven sale, based on exposure and observations of your current client base.

We will recommend enhancements to a strategic approach, metrics, and sales objectives based on the organization’s goals, whether existing or new business.


Coaching Leaders

Future Leaders

 Enhance your leadership skills, optimize company performance and overcome business challenges.

Career Development

 Leadership and Leading a Team

 Leading by Example

Earning Respect of your Staff

Assessing Employee’s Behavior and How to Adapt to Them


Coaching for Improved Performance

Communication- Fact as Opposed to Emotion

Effective Meetings

Projections, Metrics and Deadlines

Direct Hire

HR Professional/Leadership Roles

We identify your organization and team’s cultural attributes so that we can create a tailored recruiting plan and employ the latest recruiting methods needed to enhance the current team.

Advocate for you and the candidate to ensure a high touch candidate and client experience. Ensuring a smooth interview process at every step. The goal is to find you the right long-term fit.